We GROW books inspired by Life in Nature

About Us

We are an independent publishing house and a creative design studio.

We are passionate about bringing deep awareness on connecting back our Life to Nature.



Our mission is to educate and promote well-being, good values, self–awareness, self-reliance, seed literacy, environmental stewardship, sustainable resilience, regenerative gardening, and Eco-Spirituality through publishing books and materials on seed-saving, environmental advocacy, permaculture and growing our own food towards co-creating a healthy and thriving planet for future generations to come.



Our vision is to co-create a balanced, harmonious and thriving planet full of vibrant people practicing high consciousness and mindfulness through positive purposeful actions and good intentions in caring and respecting for our planet and all its species abound resulting in a loving, authentic, healthy and earth-conscious society.



Are values are centered in carrying out our mission and vision with utmost excellence, empathy and respect in all our creative endeavors and to all who we co-create with the fruition of our mutual goals.



Our primary goal is to inspire, collaborate and assist as many people to co-create with in raising awareness on the importance of environmental stewardship and Eco-Spirituality. As we consciously experience Life in Nature and the creative energies that uplift, unveil and evoke the depths of our spiritual being and connection to the co-creative forces of Mother Nature.

We emphasize on living in harmony with Nature, one another and within ourselves while creating a regenerative future through seed-saving, growing our own food and Eco-spirituality.



Lemongrass Press and the seeds of our vision were sowed and sprouted in Topanga Canyon in the Santa Monica mountains, West Los Angeles. And later on transplanted in the higher elevations of San Bernardino mountains in Big Bear, California, USA. 

The original imagery of the lemongrass growing in a raised bed with eight rocks as a reinforcement was an intuitive solution to the eroding hillside in our Topanga backyard using ordinary objects. 

In our vegetable and herb garden, we noticed that amongst all the plants we sowed from seeds, only the lemongrass survived the extreme heat of summer and re-grew after the cold dry winter in Topanga.

Aside from the healing and culinary benefits, we witnessed that the lemongrass was very resilient, grew fast in our Topanga soil and thrived really well in the local weather conditions with low to no maintenance at all.

Most essentially, the reason we chose lemongrass was because it has fast growing roots that hold the slipping topsoil of our hilly backyard. Similar to our current society, we believe in the people who act like the lemongrass in holding the like-minded collective and gathering the core of our individual true being as an essential part of our relationship with Nature as we hope to thrive in harmony with one another on our only planet, Earth.